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For over 230 years First Nations people in so called “australia” have been resisting genocide and exploitation from a continuing white supremacist colonial state and society.
Over 200 Indigenous nations on the continent continue to be exploited for coal, uranium, iron, gas and other resources running the techno-industrial monster to keep the destructive society of the capitalist pigs running and systematically ruin the land and its ecosystem. And this is just one facet of the colonial project called “australia”. Next to mass incarceration, child removal, historical denial and white washing, systematic erasure and assimilation.

The First People and keepers of the land are still being silenced and attacked when speaking up for their lives,their heritage, their culture and trying to organize themselves.
Our solidarity is with the people organizing against and sabotaging further expansions of the bloody claws of oppression and exploitation like the Western Highway duplication near Ararat in so called Victoria (in german) and fighting for a survival of their own way of living and of nature.

In Ararat there is an attempt by the state to clear 800 year old birthing trees and other sacred trees to make space for this highway expansion. Saving two minutes of driving is given priority over thousands of years of tradition and is yet another of many attacks on indigenous sovereignty, culture and existence. We cannot ignore how this is also another attempt by patriarchal capitalism to control and destroy Indigenous women’s spaces, bodily autonomy, knowledge, power and reproductive self determination.


These struggles are not new, First Nations across the world continue to fight for the most minimum of demands to be able to exist autonomously. This global colonial history is not abstract. It cannot be forgotten that we are also complicit in Germanys historically violent colonial project, in Africa and The Pacific, which continues to carry its bloody legacy into today.



We, in the heart of the colonising capitalist system in central europe, with little to no connection left with any history reaching back any further than Industrialization, are trying and finding ways to sabotage the attacks on remaining bits of nature like our friends in Hambacher Forst, 2, or trying to organize autonomously without the ruling, and to find moments to attack the consensus of domination, oppression and exploitation of society like in Northkiez,2, 3, Koukaki, 2 and many other clusters of determined resistant, solidaric and combatant organization.

There is a rise in attention to this planets ecosystem and in particular its climate, thanks to the threat to humanity`s living conditions by the accellerating exhaustive abuse of natural resources and reckless capital driven exploitation of the soil and everyone. Though a small piece of the puzzle, it might show to some that we cannot go on living the way we do. But the system cannot be reformed, a rupture has to be provoked and drastic change in how we relate to each other and an offensive approach towards that and those that uphold the existing is needed.


First Nations people of so called “australia” still have a connection to their history and their stories and a way to live that colonial and capitalist efforts have not managed to erase completely. Strength and courage to those that are sitting on land and upholding their reality that there are other ways to live.


Solidarity with the Djab Wurrung and any rebellious peoples and individuals
fighting for a world of self determination and free of oppression.



    Keep the fire burning