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Thanks to every support that was developed during the last weeks and especially the last two days of preparation and collective fight against our common enemies, we managed to develop the most intensive fighting days that we could have imagined. Days which turned every plan from the state and capital into a catastrophy. A great reminder to ourselves, our collective and its supporters, how important the movement’s networks, infrastructures of solidarity and self-organisation are.

Starting with the defence of the neighbourhood against the establishment of the red zone we drew the right concequence out of the aggressions of the state and the real estate market, against the people living in the city. The announcement of dangerzones and red zones, where people get easy targets for the police in order to create an atmosphere of isolation and fear, has become normality in this city of the rich. We saw in the last years many occassions where we as those who are targeted by the states attacks had to stand in almost silent protest at the fences, guarded by a militarized police force. Let’s name the eviction of the Ohlauer School in Kreuzberg, the eviction of the Kiezladen Friedel54 and all the other projects as Syndikat, Meuterei and our neighboors Liebig34. This fact can not be tolerated anymore – the people have to rise up!

Therefore, as a result,for more than 48 hours, we managed all together, locally and decentrally to take the offensive into the streets and defend our structures and ideas through militant means and put pressure before the enemies had even started their repressive-operations. We decided not to wait for the lackeys of the state to create another zone where they can easily target autonomous structures and rebellious neighborhoods. That’s why an autonomous zone was build up around the Rigaer94 at an hour the cops did not expect. Streets got closed together with many people and a long-lasting defence of barricades happened, with the means of the autonomous movement . Until the deployment of heavy technical equipment as an eviction tank and two watercanons the police was not able to enter our street. Let’s understand these events as a proposal to the people in the metropolitan field and outside of it, to answer the upcoming attacks. Not only against Rigaer94, also against Köpi and all the other threatened projects and our ideas, as well as any attack of the state and its merely presence.

But the state and capital war is not over yet. They will not only attempt to attack Rigaer94 again but also attack and target every single structure and individual who fights against this suphocated society on a daily basis. We should continue getting organised and expand our networks of solidarity broader. We call for more intensive fighting not only around Nordkiez to reinforce the continuity of this rebellious neighborhood, but also decentrally, in every corner of the city.

Let’s continue fighting all together against the city of the rich. Until every initial plan from the state and capital are ashes!

Friends and comrades of Rigaer94

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  • Which side are you on?

    The time to search the conflict and intensify it is long overdue.  It’s time to go against the idea of property and the owners and take on the fight on our side, the side of the disposessed, the renters, the homeless. It is also time to resist against the occupation of our neighbourhoods, against the state and a society, that supports and contributes to its agenda and actions of systematically opressing and exploiting people based on racial ascriptions, drives away, displaces and excludes those that don’t fit or don’t want to fit in with the city of the rich. There is no reason to defend the existing and take the side of those profiting of the capitalist system. There are many reasons though to get organized together and rebel against state and capital, against authorities and its defenders and fight for the principles of selforganisation, mutual aid and a life in freedom and dignity. That is the context in which we see the defense of Rigaer94.


    To us, this house is a place where we chose to live and fight collectively. It is a place of organization of different local and international struggles in which we involved ourselves over the years. As a piece of the ongoing resistance in this city. Against the policestate and with it the transformation of parts of the city into so called “danger zones”, in which cops harass, control and hunt people. Against gentrification, rising rents, real estate projects, the destruction of public spaces and forced displacement. Against social isolation, egoism and the narrative of “everyone fending for themselves”.

    On the contrary we stand for selforganization, mutual aid and solidarity. For taking our lives into our own hands and defending ourselves against the omnipresent paternalism. For the experiments of selforganized spaces, spaces of the struggle and a life in a collective, without mechanisms of authoritarian and patriarchal oppression. Our open spaces Kadterschmiede and the youth space Keimzelle are meeting points that allow us to stay in exchange even when the social life is supposed to be frozen.

    The attack on Rigaer94

    For the 17th and 18th of June, the self-proclaimed facility manager Luschnat, the “lawyers” Bernau and von Aretin and a so called fire security expert designated by them are getting ready to lead another attack against our house with the help of the police. They set out on the legal base of an ordinance by the district Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, that is supposed to force everyone to tolerate a “site inspection to examine the fire security” of all flats and rooms. It’s unlikely that this will be a “simple fire security inspection”, since everyone involved knows, that this house was turned into what is most likely the most fire safe house in the whole city, with the help of many friends in the past months. For a similar planned attack in march, that could be averted, 500.000€ for the Hundertschafts*-cops from different federal states were already spent. This fact points towards an action having been and being set up for a longer time period. We can imagine that the cops will again establish a “red zone” a few days prior to the 17th and 18th of june, to be able to take the house by assault on the 17th, occupy the neighbouring houses and destroy walls, the fire safe doors that we installed, and many more elementary facilities in the house. Maybe Bernau, Luschnat and co. want to then declare the house to be “uninhabitable”. By that they could evict with the help of cops and private security everything in the house they’d want to. Finally they want their hired lackeys to destroy what we have built up. This would be a scenario similar to the eviction attempt of the summer 2016.

    The political parties of the red-red-green senate, spearheaded by senator of the interior Geisel for the SPD, feel emboldened enough by the electoral campaign and the legal skirmishes, to dare what many have risked their political career on in the past: A fire security inspection with the goal of scouting for the next steps, a creeping eviction through the occupation of a whole neighbourhood and our house or an “all in” on the big shock of a sudden complete eviction. We cannot predict what exactly is going to happen so we don’t want to fuel further speculation. All options are leading up to one point: Rigaer94 will be attacked, with the goal of destroying us. The day of the escalation is a Day X for us. We will react accordingly to it. But we won’t wait until then. Won’t hope on a success in a juridic sideshow. Not watch motionless, while once more they threaten our selforganization.

    Fighting together

    The year 2020 has been in many ways a special one, though not overall better or worse than the previous years. The capitalist normality was set up with further authoritarian measures in the frame of the covid pandemic and we all had difficulties finding our ways in this new situation, with curfews and contact ban, but also in dealing with the understandable insecurity around the dealing with the medical concerns of the pandemic. When we are now asking for your solidarity in defending Rigaer94, which is much more than just “our house”, we don’t ask you to fight for us. We want to fight together with you. We want to intensify our struggles together in the different places in this city and beyond! We want to be part in the different struggles and want them to find their expression also through this house.

    We think we need concrete places where we can meet, get to know eachother and organize. After the eviction of Syndikat, Liebig34, Rummelsburger Bucht, Meuterei, the displacement of Potse&Drugstore and the acute threat to Køpi we have to defend the remaining spaces of the struggle in this city by all our means. We owe this to ourselves, our ideas, and those that fought before and with us.

    Start a fire

    But why to attack now, why take the risk now, why put us in danger of being overrun another time? 2020 and 2021 weren‘t just the years of the pandemic and generalized states of emergency. They were also the years of uprisings and revolts, bigger and smaller moments where the vulnerability of this reality came to the surface. The state is under pressure from different sides. In Berlin, an alliance caracterized mainly by migrant groups organized the 1st of may demo, which was for the first time after many years in fact combative. Not only in Neukölln, also in Kreuzberg and Schöneberg many people stopped accepting the harassment by police. The parks have become places of rebellion against the authoritarian state that tries to destroy any recreational moments, the chances of gaining experiences and developing an own expression outside of the societal norms. The „Take Back The Night“ demonstration saw this year 3000 FLINTA*, who didn‘t follow at all the cops‘ restrictions. After the rent cap was overthrown by the justice system tenthousands of angry renters took to the streets of Kreuzberg spontaneosly and were pushing away the suprised and overstrained cops. 2020 hundreds of thousands came to Alexanderplatz to share the rage against the murder of George Floyd.

    The international flame of revolt is even more visible: against racist police violence in the US, in feminist struggles in Mexico, in Columbia, in Chile, in Malaysia, in Lebanon and in Algeria… even far away from being complete, this list shows that there were worse moments to participate in changing the world and realizing our idea of freedom. Maybe there were even not many better moments. Who of us can remember times like these, with such drastic changes like in the past year? We are convinced. Let‘s light another fire and poke it!

    Search the conflict

    For us it‘s not important to have the same focus at any time or to use the same means of struggle to put into practice our ideas and to bring our dreams to life. We as Rigaer94 rather want to participate and grow in the fight against the capitalist, patriarcal and racist system. For a world free of domination, oppression, exploitation.

    Practically we understand this as a call of duty to go into conflict with the existing in the next days and weeks . We take the attack on selforganized structures in this city serious and challenge our enemies‘ disposition to pay the price for the achievement of their goals. We will not be waiting behind the fences of the expected Red Zone in our vicinity until the last garbage of press and nazis was taken for a walk in our house. Again and again it became clear to us that juristic skirmishes and bureaucratic ping-pong will lead us to nothing. We actually fell into that trap and, acting against our political conviction, got a little bit pacified.

    That is for us another reason to take care that the 17th of June will not become the beginning of the end of this house, but another step towards the selforganization of all of us. We want to create a scenario of counterattack together with you. A scenario that targets all those who profit from this system of daily expulsion and those who defend it.

    We ask you to join and intensify the venture of attacking the daily order of the city of the rich. No matter if by voice, body, colours, noisy or silent, with stones, hammers or fire – lets show this sold out city, that we chose sides. Publicly, clearly visible or consipiratory in the remaining dark corners of this city. Let‘s show each other, that tenderness, solidarity, autonomy and self oranization are no empty paroles but the keys to our freedom, that we work on every day. Let‘s escalate our conflict against real estate companies and speculators, dynamic start-ups and their loyal followers, police, municipality and institutions within the vicinity of our neighbourhoods and beyond them – to take position.

    If they try to break us, we‘ll explode!
    Attack the city of the rich! For a hot summer!


    Upcoming events:

    General assembly “Intensifying the struggles”, organized by Interkiezionale | 6th of June 14:00 | Open Air in Mehringhöfen in Gneisenaustraße

    R94 Yardfest | 12th of June 14:00 | Rigaer Straße 94

    Demonstration because of eviction attempt | 17th of June 20:00 | Friedrichshain South, tba

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    Rigaer94: Was kostet die Drecksbude eigentlich? (1)

    Berlin, März 2021: Ein Konflikt, in dem es keine andere Möglichkeit geben wird als sich zu positionieren, eskaliert. Es geht nicht um Brandschutz. Dieses Argument ist nur Maskerade. Die Regierenden versuchen die Öffentlichkeit von der Moral ihres Handelns zu überzeugen und ein Spektakel zu erschaffen. Wir erklärten wiederholt, dass eine:r unabhängige:r Brandschutzgutachter:in jederzeit mit uns durch das Haus gehen kann, wie es auch schon 2016 und im November 2020 geschah. Da dieses Angebot ignoriert wird ist offensichtlich, dass es um die Vernichtung des seit dreißig Jahren bestehenden Projekts Rigaer94 geht. Dieser Einsatz bezweckt nichts anderes als eine Belagerung und eine schrittweise Verwandlung in ein zerstörtes, unbewohnbares, durch Gitter und Sicherheitsschleusen kontrolliertes Haus. Sie wollen uns räumen und die Verantwortlichen wählten für den Auftakt den 11. und 12. März 2021. Dieser Versuch wird auf unseren Widerstand stoßen.

    Warum sprechen wir von einer Räumung? Bereits im Januar diesen Jahres schickte der vermeintliche Eigentümer-Anwalt Bernau einen Drohbrief an einige Mieter:innen, in dem er sie erpresste ihre Mietverträge bis zum 31.01.2021 zu kündigen. (2) Ein “Angebot”, dem sie nicht nach kamen. Der selbsternannte Hausverwalter Luschnat hat angekündigt, die “Begehung“ zu nutzen, um am besagten Termin das Haustürschloss auszutauschen. Die Schlüssel sollen nur nach Vorlage eines Personalausweises und Mietvertrages ausgehändigt werden. Während das Landgericht Berlin erst am 10.3. über den Widerspruch gegen die Begehung unseres Hauses entscheiden wird, ist uns die brisante Information zu Ohren gekommen, dass es schon in den schmierigen Portfolios von Immobilienspekulant:innen als Verkaufsobjekt gehandelt wird. 1700 m² “unbewohnte Fläche“ zu einem Preis von 2000 €/m². Angeboten möglicherweise durch keinen anderen als einen Projektentwickler des Padovicz-Geflechts, Nudelmann & Friends Immobilien.

    Wenige Monate vor den Wahlen ist der politische Druck hoch. Niemand will die Verantwortung dafür tragen, an unserer Entschlossenheit zu scheitern, diesen Raum und die ihm innewohnende Idee zu verteidigen. Alle wollen die Lorbeeren einstreichen, die Straße zu befrieden und einen weiteren Teil dieser Stadt nach ihren Vorstellungen zu gestalten. Das bedeutet konkret dieser Stadt einen weiteren lebenswerten Raum zu entreißen und dem Kapital den Boden zu bereiten, den Reichtum einiger weniger zu vermehren.

    Während Baustadtrat Florian Schmidt bereits aus Angst vor den Konsequenzen seines eigenen Handelns zurückrudert, zweifelt nun auch Justizsenator Behrendt an der Rechtmäßigkeit des aktuellen Vorgehens. Konsequenz dessen ist, dass der Senat am Freitag (5. März) über Schmidts alternativen Lösungsvorschlag entscheiden möchte. Schmidt schlägt eine Begehung durch eine:n Mitarbeiter:in der Bauaufsicht aber ohne Bullen vor. Während das Lager unserer Feind:innen in der Politik gespalten ist, wird sich noch herausstellen, ob sich Politiker:innen von Geisel (Innensenator, SPD) bis Dregger (politischer Brandstifter, CDU), die ihr Spiel um Macht auf unser aller Rücken austragen, die Finger an uns verbrennen werden. Der rot-rot-grüne Senat kann fadenscheinige sozialdemokratische Konzepte wie Mileuschutz und Mietendeckel nicht nutzen, um zu verbergen, dass seine Politik in erster Linie seit jeher niemand anderem als der kapitalistischen Klasse dient.

    Seit Jahrzehnten versuchen Machthabende, die Kontrolle über und die wirtschaftliche Nutzung der Stadt zu maximieren, indem sie ein Hindernis nach dem anderen beseitigen. Ein solches Hindernis war die Zeltstadt Rummelsburger Bucht. Ihre Räumung wurde als „humanitär“ getarnt, während sie in Wirklichkeit das Ziel verfolgte den Bau von Coral World zu ermöglichen. Solche Räumungen sind Teil einer umfassenderen Strategie, alles loszuwerden, was dem Profit im Wege steht oder nicht in die hegemoniale Vision der Stadt passt. Es werden selbstorganisierte Räume zerstört, in denen sich Menschen zusammenschließen, um dem Elend zu entkommen, in das sie von Vermieter:innen, Herrschenden, Bossen, Bullen oder Machos gedrängt werden, die sie täglich konfrontieren und ausbeuten, am Arbeitsplatz, in persönlichem und öffentlichen Raum.

    Auch Orte wie der KØPI Wagenplatz, das autonome Jugendzentrum Potse, die Voigstraße 36 oder die Kollektivkneipe Meuterei sind bedroht von denen, die ihr Profitstreben befriedigen wollen. Die verantwortlichen Gesichter mögen von Räumung zu Räumung variieren, die Logik dahinter bleibt dieselbe. Jeder Lakai, der versucht, seinen Besitz zu erweitern und Profite zu einzustreichen, indem er Räume und Ideen bedroht und angreift, hat das gleiche Ziel und das gleiche Maß an Verantwortung. Unsere Kämpfe hingegen sind miteinander verbunden, da wir die selben Feind:innen haben. Hinter den Kulissen bedrohen Leute wie „Freiherr“ von Aretin auf verschiedenen Ebenen Existenzen und Ideen. Während er Abteilungsleiter für Reprivatisierung in der Treuhand war, ist seine Kanzlei heute in Waffenexporte verwickelt. (3) Das Zusammenwirken von Staat und Kapital ist bei jedem Räumungsversuch sichtbar. Bullen, Politik, Justiz, Wissenschaft und Medien treten gemeinsam auf, um politische Positionen und Mittel der staatlichen Gewalt zu legitimieren. In konzertierten Aktionen greifen sie unsere Strukturen an.

    Das Kapital hat sich Worte wie „alternativ“ und das dazugehörige Image angeeignet, um uns eine Stadt zu verkaufen, die in Wirklichkeit grau und nur für diejenigen sicher und zugänglich ist, die Geld haben. Der Neoliberalismus hat längst Einzug in die Stadtplanung gefunden und das Konzept der „Aufwertung“ funktioniert als repressiver Gesamtplan. Er verwandelt die Orte, die wir schätzen, in unbequeme und kontrollierbare Orte. Der Senat greift unsere politischen Strukturen in der Metropole an, was zu einer direkten Konfrontation zwischen ihm und uns führt.

    Wir als Rigaer94, zu denen auch der autonome Jugendclub Keimzelle und der offene Raum Kadterschmiede gehören, sind Teil der bedrohten autonomen Strukturen. Wir haben uns entschieden selbstbestimmt, sozial, politisch miteinander zu leben und uns von unten zu organisieren. Wir haben uns entschieden, uns gegen die Mechanismen von Staat und Kapital innerhalb und außerhalb der Mauern unseres Hauses zu wehren. Wir unterstützen und schaffen Orte des Widerstands in der Stadt, wir verbreiten unsere Ideen von selbstorganisierten Gemeinschaften. Orte, an denen unsere Gemeinschaft wächst, um sich gegenseitig zu helfen, voneinander zu lernen und um sich dem System zu widersetzen. Orte, an denen sich die Jugend autonom, ohne die Kontrolle von Eltern, Lehrer:innen oder Chefs, treffen kann. Orte, um sich kollektiv zu wehren wenn jemand von Autoritäten unterdrückt wird und um rebellische Nachbarschaften zu schaffen, in denen Widerstand von einer breiteren Kollektivität unterstützt werden kann. Um die Normen zu überwinden, die uns diese Gesellschaft aufgezwungen hat.

    Unsere politische Infrastruktur ist nicht nur für die Bewohner:innen unseres Hauses wichtig, sondern auch für eine breitere Gemeinschaft, die sich gegen Unterdrückung und Diskriminierung organisiert. Offene Strukturen, in denen eine Atmosphäre von Vertrauen und einer solidarischen Nachbarschaft wachsen kann. Strukturen, die kämpfende und revolutionäre Individuen zusammenbringen, um dazu beizutragen, die Idee von Autonomie und Kollektivität durch Diskussionen und Aktionen zu verbreiten. Gruppen und Einzelpersonen, die sich in Räumen jenseits von Konsum und Arbeitsausbeutung treffen, wo Menschen sich wohlfühlen, essen, trinken und aufwärmen können, egal ob sie Geld haben. Wo radikale Ideen auf Broschüren und Plakate gedruckt oder an Wände gemalt werden, die die:den Einzelne:n umgeben und ermutigen.

    Die Verteidigung dieser Strukturen gehört nicht nur denjenigen, die in ihnen leben, sondern allen, die sich in ihnen wiederfinden können. Es ist ein Kampf nicht nur für uns, sondern für alle! Lasst uns auf der Straße in die Offensive gehen! Keine Ruhe für Vermieter:innen und Staatsdiener:innen!

    Wir rufen alle, die unter diesem System leiden, dazu auf, sich unserem Kampf anzuschließen und die Auswirkungen der ständigen staatlichen Angriffe zu erkennen. Ihre eigenen Feinde anzugreifen, jene, die uns täglich und ständig unterdrücken. Lasst uns gemeinsam für kollektive Freiheit, Gleichheit, Solidarität und Selbstbestimmung eintreten, am und über den 11. & 12. März hinaus. Lasst uns als Bewegung verschiedene Formen und Mittel des Widerstands zeigen.

    Wenn sie versuchen, uns zu brechen, werden wir explodieren!

    Solidarität ist unsere Waffe, Rigaer94.

    (1) https://www.amazon.de/%C2%BBWas-kostet-Drecksbude-eigentlich-Immobilienmaklers/dp/B08TZ3HWZW/

    (2) Scan des Briefs. Seite 1Seite 2Seite 3Seite 4

    (3) https://www.gvw.com/en/services/detail/foreign-trade-and-customs-law.html

    Rigaer94: What‘s the price of this shithole? (1)

    Berlin, March 2021: A conflict, in which there will be no other option but to take a stand, escalates. This is not about fire safety. This argument is only a masquerade. Those ruling try to make the public believe in the morality of their actions and to create a spectacle. We have repeatedly stated that an independent fire safety expert can walk through the building with us at any time, as it happened in 2016 and November 2020. As this has been ignored, it is obvious that this mission is about the eviction and destruction of Rigaer94 as she has been existing for 30 years. It intends nothing more but a siege and a gradual transformation into a destroyed, uninhabitable house controlled by fences and security gates. It is an attempt to evict us. Those responsible chose March 11th and 12th, 2021 as kick-off. This attempt will meet our fierce resistance!

    Why do we talk about an eviction? Already in January of this year, self-proclaimed Lafone lawyer Bernau sent a threatening letter to some tenants, blackmailing them to quit their renting contracts until January 31, 2021. (2) An „offer“ they did not take up. Self-proclaimed property manager Luschnat has announced that the „inspection“ will be used to change our locks. The new keys are to be handed over only upon presentation of an identity card and rent contract. While the court will decide on the 10th of March about the appeal against the inspection, we have received the controversial information that our house is already being offered for sale in the greasy portfolios of real estate investors. 1700m² of „uninhabitated space“ at a price of 2000€/m², offered possibly by none other than a project developer of the Padovicz network, Nudelmann & Friends Immobilien.

    A few months before the elections the political pressure is high. No one wants to take responsibility for failing due to our determination to defend this space and its inherent idea. Everyone wants to take credit for appeasing the street and form another piece of this city according to their own interest. Precisely, to snatch another livable space from this city and prepare the ground for capital to increase the wealth of a few.

    Since the district‘s councelor of construction, Florian Schmidt, is already rowing back out of fear of the consequences of his own actions, the senator for justice Behrendt has been doubting the legality of this mission. The effect of it being, that the senate will hear on Friday (5th March) Schmidt‘s proposal for another solution. Schmidt proposes an inspection by someone from the construction council (Bauaufsicht) without the cops. While our enemies in politics are divided, it is to be determined whether other politicians such as Geisel (Senator of the Interior, SPD) or Dregger (political arsonist, CDU), who want to play their game for power on all our backs, are about to burn their fingers on us. The red-red-green government cannot use flimsy social democratic policies such as rent caps and milieu protection, to hide that their policies have always served first and foremost the capitalist class.

    For decades, those in power try to increase control over and economic use of the city by removing one obstacle after another. One such obstacle was the camp Rummelsburger Bucht. Its eviction was masked as “humanitarian” while in reality enabling the construction of Coral World. Such evictions are part of a broader strategy to get rid of everything that stands in the way of profit or does not fit into the hegemonic vision of the city. Those in power target and destroy self-organised spaces in which people connect to escape the misery they are pushed in by landlords, rulers, bosses, cops or machos who confront and exploit them daily, at work, inside personal spaces and the public sphere.

    Places like KØPI Wagenplatz, the youth center Potse, Voigtstraße 36 or the collective bar Meuterei are also threatened by those who seek to satisfy a quest for profit. The responsible faces might vary from eviction to eviction but the logic behind remains the same. Every lackey who tries to expand their property and pocket profit by threatening and attacking spaces and ideas, has the same goal and amount of responsibility. On the other side our struggles are connected as we face the same enemies. Behind the screens, people like „Freiherr“ von Aretin threaten existences and ideas on multiple levels. While he was head of department for reprivatisation at the Treuhand, his office gives advise on weapons export business! (3) The cooperation of state and capital is visible in any attempt of eviction. Cops, politicians, judges, economic experts and journalists perform to legitimise all together political positions and means of state violence. Their concerted actions attack our structures.

    Capital has appropriated words such as „alternative“ and the image that goes along, to sell us a city that is in fact grey and only safe and accessible to those with money. Neoliberalim has long found its way into city planning and the concept of „upgrading“ functions as an overall repressive plan. Turning the places we want to exist in, into uncomfortable and controllable places. We face a senate that attacks our political structures in the metropolitan field, leading to a direct confrontation between them and us.

    We as Rigaer94, including the autonomous youth club Keimzelle and the open space Kadterschmiede, are part of the threatened autonomous structures. We chose to live self-determined, socially and politically together, while organising ourselves through horizontal procedures. We chose to stand as an obstacle against state and capital mechanisms inside and outside the walls of our house. We support and create territories of resistance in the city, we spread our ideas of self-organised communities. Territories to grow our community, to help and learn from each other and to oppose the system. Territories where the youth can meet autonomously, without the control of parents, teachers or bosses. Territories to organise a collective fighting back when someone is oppressed by authority and create rebellious neighbourhoods where resistance can be supported by a wider collectivity. To overcome the norms which society has forced upon us.

    We see our political infrastructures as not only important for the inhabitants of our house but also for the broader community which organises against oppression and discrimination. Open structures where the spirit of comradeship and a neighbourhood in solidarity can grow. Structures that bring together struggling and revolutionary individuals to contribute on spreading the idea of autonomy and collectivity through discussions and actions. Groups and individuals that choose to socialise in spaces which are beyond consumerism and labour exploitation. Where people feel comfortable, eat, drink and warm up no matter if they have money or not. Where radical ideas are printed on brochures and posters or painted on walls, comforting individuals and surrounding them.

    The defense of those structures not only belongs to the ones who live inside them but to everyone who can find themselves in them. It is a fight not only for us but for everyone! Let’s take the offensive in the streets! To not let any landlord and state servant be satisfied!

    We call everyone who struggles to join this fight and realise the effects of constant state attacks. To attack back their own enemies, those who oppress us on a daily and constant basis. Let’s stand together for collective freedom, equality, solidarity and self-determination, on and beyond the 11th&12th of March. Let‘s show as a movement different forms and means of resistance.

    When they try to break us, we will explode!

    Solidarity is our weapon, Rigaer94.

    (1) https://www.amazon.de/%C2%BBWas-kostet-Drecksbude-eigentlich-Immobilienmaklers/dp/B08TZ3HWZW/

    (2) Scan of the letter. Page 1Page 2Page 3 Page 4

    (3) https://www.gvw.com/en/services/detail/foreign-trade-and-customs-law.html

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    Dear Neighbors,

    Like foreseen the eviction of Liebig34 was not the end but just another step in an fast and aggressive gentrification of our neighborhood.

    Now there is a new attack.

    Our neighbor, who is currently living under the balconies of Rigaerstr. 92, is threatened of an eviction on thursday, the 26th of november, at 6 a.m.

    This information comes through a very social-chauvinistic letter, in which the belongings of this person are described as rubbish and trash. It comes from the “Bezirks- und Grünflächenamt”. An office which seems to have a lot of self esteem issues and now let their anger out on everything which is not fitting with their normative views on the world. Homeless people are very often target of this aggression. Evictions of homeless people are not rare, but happen mostly silently and therefore are often unseen.

    This years phrase “Stay home, stay safe” is in the view of homeless people just another disgusting thing to say. Where should this people find their safe space, that are protected from the attacks of the cops.

    Already short time ago, on 15 November there was an attempt by the BSR and Berlin cops to clear his camp on height of Rigaer Straße 92, under the balconies, which could be prevented however spontaneously (https://twitter.com/rigaer94/status/1327947776869666816). Now there is a new attempt with announcement.

    We will not just accept this :

    Wednesday from 7 p.m. there will be music and rap in front of the camp at Rigaer Straße 92. Thursday morning at 6:00 a.m. the Kiezradio will be an early-bird issue. Come by and show with us together that the fight for the Nordkiez continues!
    No eviction of precarious people! Not in winter, not during Corona, never !

    We want to be strong and numerous. Protest on the street, and from the surrounding balconies is very welcome.

    We will prevent this eviction!

    Against every eviction in our Neighborhood!

    For a neighborhood of solidarity in which everyone has a chance of self-defined life regardless of there living conditions!


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  • —english version below—

    Für den Ausbau des letzten Teilabschnitts der A49 ist die Firma Deges gewillt und bereits im Begriff, 85 Hektar Wald zu zerstören. Die betroffenen Gebiete sind der Herrenwalder Wald, der Maulbacher Wald und der Dannenröder Forst. Im Dannenröder Forst wurden mehr als 300 Jahre lang 1000 Hektar wald kultiviert. Der “Danni” ist seit September 2019 besetzt, um den tiefen Eingriff in die Natur und die damit einhergehende Gefährdung von Trinkwasser für mehr als 500 000 Menschen des Rhein-Main-Gebiets zu verhindern.

    Inmitten der Gesundheitskrise zeigt sich, dass Staat und Kapital nicht zögern, bei der Unterstützung der weiteren Zerstörung und Plünderung der Umwelt im Namen des Profit ihr wahres Gesicht zu zeigen. Es überrascht nicht, dass sich die staatliche Maschinerie mit der Priorisierung der Reproduktion von Kapital dafür entscheidet, Fluren und Wälder zu zerstören, die seit hunderten von Jahren einem rapiden Klimawandel im Wege stehen (welcher durch die Verschwendung natürlicher Ressourcen im Namen des Profits erzeugt wird). Wiedereinmal ist der Staat zur Stelle, um dem Kapital gewissenhaft den Weg freizuräumen.

    Dementsprechend begann am Montag, den 10. November die Räumung vom Danni. Hunderte Bullen fielen in den Wald ein und holzten Bäume ab, nahmen Leute fest und unterdrückten den Widerstand. Es wurden bereits etliche Baumhäuser und Küchen geräumt sowie zahlreiche Verhaftungen getätigt. Aber zur gleichen Zeit sind nach wie vor tausend Menschen im Wald um gegen die Zerstörung der Natur vielfältigen Widerstand zu leisten.

    Trotz der Tatsache, dass sich unser Kampf in der Rigaer Straße in städtischem Gebiet abspielt, erachten wir die Existenz von Strukturen und Initiativen wie den Danni als nicht nur notwendig um den natürlichen Reichtum zu verteidigen, sondern auch als Teil des selben Kampfes gegen ein System der Ausbeutung und Unterdrückung. Wir stehen solidarisch mit den Anstrengungen der Aktivist*innen – nicht nur anlässlich der Räumung, sondern während ihrem gesamten Kampf. Auch wenn wir in verschiedenen Gegenden verschiedene Wege beschreiten, verlaufen unsere Kämpfe nicht nur parallel zueinander, sondern treffen sich. Sie treffen sich in den selbst-organisierten Strukturen, den horizontalen Treffen und nicht zuletzt auf den Barrikaden. Für eine Gesellschaft mit mehr Wald und weniger Asphalt.

    PS: Während wir diesen Text schreiben, erreichen uns Nachrichten der gewaltsamen Räumung eines Tripods im Danni. Das Seil einer vier Meter über dem Boden hängenden Person wurde durch einen Bullen durchgeschnitten. Die Art, dieser Person Verletzungen zuzufügen, kann nicht anders als Absicht bezeichnet werden. Wir unterstützen jegliche Konsequenz, die von Aktivist*innen nach diesem potentiell tödlichen Angriff gezogen wird, um unseren Widerstand für uns sicherer und für unsere Gegener gefährlicher werden zu lassen.

    Solidarität mit dem Danni!

    Mit jedem gefällten Baum wird ein Stück mehr Widerstand gesät!

    Wer die Misere sät, wird Widerstand ernten!

    From the concrete desert: Solidarity with Danni

    In order to build the last section of the A49 federal freeway the construction company Deges is willing and already has begun to destroy 85 hectare of forest. The affected parts are the Herrenwald forest, the Maulbach forest and the Dannenröder forest. 1000 hectares of earth are being cultivated in Dannenröder forest for more than 3 hundreds years. “Danni” is squatted since September 2019 in order to prevent the massive invasion into nature and by this the risk of endangering the drinking water supply of over 500,000 people from the Rhine-Main area.

    In the middle of the hygiene crisis we see that the state and capital do not hesitate to show their real face, supporting the further destruction and plunder of natural environment for the benefit of capital, launching thousands of cops to evict Danni. We are not surprised that, when the state mechanisms prioritize the reproduction of capital, they decide to ruin pieces of land and forests which for hundreds of years have been obstacles to the rapid climate change (which is produced by the overuse of natural resources in the name of profit). Once again, the state is coming to serve faithfully the capital by guaranteeing that nothing will stand as obstacle in it’s profit-seeking.

    Consequently, on monday the 10th of November, the eviction of Danni started. Hundreds of cops invaded the forest, cutting trees, arresting and repressing. Until now they managed to evict several tree houses, floor kitchens and make numerous arrests. But at the same time around thousand people are there to resist the destruction of the nature by different means.

    And despite the fact that our struggle, as Rigaer94, is evolving in a metropolitan area, we consider the existence of structures and initiatives, as Danni, not only as necessary for the defense of the

    natural wealth but also necessary as parts of the same struggle against a system based in exploitation and oppression. We stand in solidarity with the effort that the activists make not only during the difficult time of the eviction but also during their whole struggle. Even if we are fighting in different places and with different ways, our struggles are not only parallel but they also meet each other. They meet in the self-organised structures, in the horizontal assemblies, in the barricades. For a society of equality and freedom. For a society with more forests and less asphalt.

    PS: By the time of writing this text, news reach us from the violent eviction of a tripod in the Danni forest. The rope of one person hanging four meters above the ground was cut by a cop, causing injuries in a way that can be understand as nothing else but purpose. We support all the concequences drawn by the activists after this potentially deadly attack that can make our resistance safer for us and more dangerous to the enemy force.




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    • English version below

    Vergangenen Samstag haben wir gemeinsam gezeigt, dass aus der Idee eines gemeinsamen Kampfes gegen die Gentrifizierung eine echte Interkiezionale entstanden ist. Unterschiedliche Kreise in verschiedenen Stadtteilen haben beschlossen, ihre wichtigsten sozialen Räume gemeinsam zu verteidigen. So unterschiedlich wir und unsere Räume sind, ist das wesentliche derzeit doch die Bedrohung durch den Kapitalismus und die autoritäre Gesellschaft und damit unsere Bereitschaft zum Kampf um die von uns definierte rote Linie. Mit der Räumung des Syndikats will der Staat am 7. August diese rote Linie überschreiten.

    Wir rufen daher in Solidarität mit dem Syndikat alle dazu auf, an diesem Tag entschlossenen Widerstand zu leisten. Sollte die Polizei trotz unserer Mobilisierung die Räumung versuchen, sind wir in der Pflicht alles in unserer Kraft stehende zu tun, sie daran zu hindern.

    Kommt am Mittwoch um 19 Uhr in die Köpi zur offenen VV der Interkiezionale – kommt am Vorabend um 20 Uhr zur Langen Nacht der Weisestraße – kommt am Morgen des 7. August vorsorglich in den Schillerkiez – kommt im Falle einer Räumung zur TagX-Demo um 21 Uhr (Ort wird kurzfristig bekanntgegeben).


    Protecting the Syndikat shoulder to shoulder

    Last Saturday we showed together that the idea of a common fight against gentrification has developed into a real interkiezionale (inter-district-struggle). Different circles in different parts of the city decided to defend their most important social spaces together. As different as we and our spaces are, the essential thing at the moment is the threat of capitalism and authoritarian society and therefore our will to stand our ground at the red line we have defined. With the eviction of the Syndikat, the state intends to cross this red line on 7 August.

    In solidarity with the Syndikat, we call on everyone to resist resolutely on that day. If the police, despite our mobilisation, try to evict the syndicate, we have the duty to do everything in our power to prevent them from doing so.

    Come on Wednesday at 7 pm to the Open Assembly of Interkiezionale in Köpi – come to the Long Night of Weisestraße the evening before at 8 p.m. – come preventively to the Schillerkiez on the morning of August 7 – come to the DayX-demo at 9 p.m. in case of an eviction (location will be announced shortly before).

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  • -english version below –

    Wie bereits angekündigt werden wir auch diesen Mittwoch, sowie in der Zukunft die Kadterschmiede öffnen. Eine Erklärung wurde hierzu schon letzte Woche veröffentlicht. Auch rufen wir, angesichts der drohenden Räumungen und kommenden Urteilsverkündung der Liebig34, weiterhin alle solidarischen Strukturen dazu auf, ihre Räumlichkeiten ebenfalls ab Juni wieder zu öffnen. Wir brauchen unsere Orte der Vernetzung und des Austausches und können uns keine weitere Isolation leisten.

    Wie bereits letzte Woche wird unsere Küfa draußen vor unserer Tür stattfinden.

    Die massive Bullenpräsenz vor unserer Tür und im gesamten Kiez zur Schmiedenöffnung vergangenen Mittwoch kam für uns nicht überraschend. Durch unsere aktive Präsenz vor der Tür konnte zwar ein generelles Blockieren unserer Eingangstür verhindert werden, doch hat es die Schweine leider nicht davon abgehalten Personen, die uns besuchen wollten und das Angebot eines Infoabends zur aktuellen Situation der Liebig34 wahrnehmen wollten, zu kontrollieren und Personalien aufzunehmen. Kurze Zeit später entschlossen sich die Bullen überhaupt keine Menschen mehr in die Nähe unserer Tür zu lassen.

    Hier trat einmal mehr die krasse Heuchelei der Uniformierten zum Anblick. Während Konsumtempel wieder geöffnet haben und Menschen dort ohne jegliche Einhaltung der Hygienemaßnahmen ihren Kaufrausch nachgehen können, sollen selbstorganisierte und unkommerzielle Räume weiterhin geschlossen bleiben, um angebliche Infektionen zu verhindern.

    Die letzten Wochen haben gezeigt, dass das sogenannte „Infektionsschutzgesetz“ nur als weiterer Vorwand diente unseren Kiez durch massiver Bullenpräsenz zu belästigen und isolieren zu wollen.

    Uns ist bewusst, dass aufgrund dieser Schweinereien es Menschen nicht möglich war uns besuchen zu kommen.

    Natürlich arbeiten wir weiterhin daran dazu einen passenden Umgang/Antwort zu finden, um die Schweine von unseren Türen fernzuhalten und generell aus dem Kiez zu vertreiben.

    Hierbei bedarf es jedoch wie immer solidarische Menschen und Strukturen.

    Solidarität ist unsere Waffe.

    Ihr seid herzlich eingeladen am 03.06. um 9 Uhr zum Schauprozess und anschließender Pressekonferenz vor der Liebig34 zu kommen.

    Unsere Türen stehen euch dann Abends wieder offen.

    Stay tuned.

    Kadterschmiede bleibt offen.

    Liebig34 bleibt für immer.


    Dear friends and companions,
    As already announced, we will open the Kadterschmiede this Wednesday and in the future. A statement was already published last week. We also continue to call on all solidarity structures to reopen their premises in June.
    Especially in view of the threat of evictions and the announced judgement of Liebig34, we need our places of networking and exchange and cannot afford further isolation.
    Like last week, our Küfa will take place outside our door.
    The massive cop presence in front of our door and in the whole neighbourhood at the opening of „Schmiede“ last Wednesday came as no surprise to us. Our active presence in front of the door prevented a general blocking of our front door, but unfortunately it did not stop the pigs from checking and taking down IDs of people who wanted to visit us and take advantage of the offer of an information evening about the current situation of the Liebig34. A short time later the cops decided not to let any people near our door at all.
    Here once again, the hypocrisy of the uniformed men came into view. While temples of consumption have reopened and people there can go on their shopping spree without any observance of hygiene measures, our selforganized spaces should continue to be closed in order to prevent alleged infections.
    The last few weeks have shown that the so-called “infection protection law” only served as a further pretext to try to harass and isolate our neighbourhood by massive cop presence.
    We are aware that due to this filth it was not possible for people to visit us.
    Of course we are still working on finding a suitable way to keep the pigs away from our doors and generally drive them out of the neighbourhood.
    However, as always, solidarity and structures are needed.
    Solidarity is our weapon.
    You are invited to come to the show trial and the following press conference in front of the Liebig34 at the 03.06. at 9am

    Our doors will be open to you again in the evening.
    Stay tuned.

    Kadterschmiede stays open.
    Liebig34 stays forever.


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  • Solidarity to Libertatia!

    Das Libertatia-Squat in Thessaloniki wurde von Nazis und Bullen angegriffen und niedergebrannt!

    Solidarity from Rigaer Straße!

    EN below

    FR plus bas


    Am Sonntag den 21.01 wurde das Libertatia Squat in Thessaloniki bis auf die Mauern niedergebrannt. Dies geschah nach einer Demo von faschistischen, rechten und konservativen Gruppierungen die über 50.000 Demonstranten zählte. Früher am Tag wurde bereits ein anderes Squat angegriffen das aber erfolgreich verteidigt werden konnte. Wir erklären uns soldarisch mit denen die gegen eine faschisitische und konservative Gesellschaft kämpfen, welche einen Nährboden für eben solche Vorfälle darstellt. Ohne die Demo am Sonntag und den direkten Schutz der Bullen, die den Faschisten erst die Möglichkeit gaben ungehindert anzugreifen, hätte sich das Szenario wahrscheinlich sehr anders abgespielt.Wenn Bullen nicht nur neben den Angreifer*innen stehen sondern sie schützen, sehen wir nur zu deutlich, wie der Staat stets Angriffe auf unsere Ideen und Strukturen tragen wird. Unsere Soldarität ist mit der anarchistischen Bewegung die sich jetzt mit den Folgen der Demo und mit den weiterhin stattfindenden Kämpfen mit faschistischen Kleingruppen auseinandersetzen muss.

    Love and Rage

    Rigaer 94



    Sunday the 21.1. the Libtertatia Squat in Thessaloniki was burned down to the ground after a rally of fascist, right-winged and conservative organizations ,counting more than 50000. Already earlier that day a squat was attacked but successfully defended. We declare our solidarity with those fighting against a conservative and fascist society that is A fertile ground for incidents like the ones on sunday. Without the cops and the rally that day that gave the attackers the cover for their actions, probably the scenario would have played out quite differently. We see quite clearly how the state will always support attacks on our ideas and structures, when cops are not only standing next to the attackers but protecting them.
    Our solidarity is with the Libertatia and the anarchist movement dealing now with the aftermath of the rally and the still ongoing fights with fascist grouplets in the city.

    Love and Rage



    Dimanche le 21 janvier, le Squat Libertatia, à Thessalonique, a été incendié apres une manif d’organisations de droite, de fascistes et conservatrices, qui comptait plus de 50000 personnes. Plus tôt dans la journée, un autre squat avait été attaqué mais a pu etre defendu avec succes. Nous declarons notre solidarité avec tout.es celles qui se battent contre une societé conservatrice et fasciste, societé qui est le sol fertile propice a des incidents comme ceux de dimanche. Sans les keufs et la manifestation, qui ont couvert les actions des attaquant.es, le scenario se serait probablement déroulé de manière bien différente. La flicaille qui ne marche pas seulement aux cotés des attaquant mais les protège, nous montre clairement comment les attaques sur nor idées et structures seront toujours encouragé et supporté par l’état.
    Notre solidarité va au Libertatia et au mouvement anarchiste, qui fait face aux conséquences de cette manifestation et aux querelles et combats continuels avec les groupuscules fascistes dans les rues de la ville.

    amour et fureur


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  • Greetings to the ZAD

    The media is reving up their attempts to frame the coming political decision on the future of the planned airport on the occupied area of the ZAD NDDL in a flattering light and not sign off a possible stop to the construction as a win for the Zadistes. At the same time the mediatic landscape is being prepared for a possible violent eviction. ¹

    The structures that have grown in and around the Zone à défendre not only offer a rarely visible somewhat independent alternative to a life driven by financial questions and dominated by capitalist forces but a small but real threat to the state-supported organizational structure. Fix points of reference and contact like a ZAD are important in a time were we need events like the G20 to mobilize broadly and physical escalation to reach more than our own small circles. We need practical experience with alternative structures when we dream of smashing the present measures of oppression and state structures. A Zad atleast can be a valid example for a local community and the problems encountered in a society based on those. Tactics and techniques need to be shared, tested, discussed; big protests, work in affinity groups and a periodic exchange on insurrectionary praxis can only reach so far in making them accessible, being approachable in every day life is important.

    While we try to do that in an urban context amidst peoples daily struggle and strong gentrification, more removed projects like the ZADs offer a somewhat accesible venue for people fed up with, or not bound to cities,on the road, looking for a new base, an exchange away from their usual surrounding and simply a meeting point for struggles not focused on the urban spheres and of course a pretty good location for diverse skillsharing and practice.

    When the dirty batons of the executive maggots of state/society will come down again in an attempt to reestablish their order and law in the ZAD not only is it an attack on all those longing for emancipation and autonomy but also a chance we should use to carry over the energy we found in Hamburg and show that we can take our own free spaces and furiously bash back atleast when threatened more directly.

    Our solidarity is with everyone in the ZAD.

    Don’t let anyone drive you apart! We will fight on your side!

    Never surrender, love and rage

    Rigaer 94

    PS: Today we read the government is coming back to what they blared out at the beginning of the month, the airport will not be built!  We’re with you in the fight to keep the ZAD NDDL around as a social structure, living space, playground and inspiration for a long time.Our hearts rejoice at the small ‘victory’ for our struggles and structures and the environment. We know they won’t change their perpective and the same logic will keep throwing other monstrous projects and attacks at us. But this success after years of work also means there is more power and a lot of experience to bring to other fights. Be it NDDL, Bure ,TAV,  Europa City, Güz, Hambacher Forst…

    Lets make their fears ³ a reality and their projects a nightmare!

    ¹ Loudmouthed questions were thrown through traditional and social media. “Why would the Zadistes stay? Why should the state not evict them? Do they have guns? etc etc.. Odoxa an enterprise linked to the populist channels BFMTV and Itelé is presenting a biased survey. What’s being presented as every second french person (or 6 out of 10) is in favour of a violent eviction of the ZAD NDDL is really 56% out of a 1006 person sample in a very biased survey on feelings of insecurity and national security (Link 1, 2, 3).

    Journal du Dimanche ran a news article entitled “NDDL secret photos from the ZAD” with stolen out of context photos constructing a mythical weapons stach, trenches and tunnels, others relayed an SCRT (french press service) snippe that picked up JdD wording, stating that the presence of weapons is proven. Libération article with some explanations: here. Twitter thread by photo owner debunking fake news article on firearms at NDDL: here.

    A critical media overview and analysis on NDDL eviction propaganda: here.  Documents that were supposedly for a briefing for the president have been leaked, atleast the first 3 pages are available: 1, 2, 3. These make it sound like the media’s made up articles might have come from this supposedly restricted police document.

    ³ 1, 2

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  • Greetings from Berlin to Athens

    via contrainfo

    They call it “Dangerzone”* – but it is just an ungovernable neighbourhood

    We, individuals and groups from the Rigaer Street, welcome the initiative to start a discussion about an insurrection and fill it with experiences from the past, current theories and practical possibilities.
    This is how we understood the call for the insurrection festival (https://insurrectionfestival.noblogs.org/) in Athens.

    In the program, we discovered several aspects, that we in the Nordkiez of Friedrichshain are engaged in. There is no anarchist, anti authoritarian or left radical movement in Berlin, there is just a scene.
    The dullness of the majority of a fascist society makes it complicated to get moving. In order to destroy overall power structures, we need to search for the confrontation in our local communities. A concentration of people, ideas and structures working against the state, are necessary to be able to protect oneself from outside aggression and be able to actually develop.

    Over the last couple of years, because of the intensity of our actions and the repression of the cops, this process has been started in the Rigaer street. Our actions do not simply concentrate on material violence, they are trying to destroy the social norm and values. In that sense, to change the meaning of property, safety and fear, as well as work and competition.
    In Berlin it is forbidden to organize a flee market, where everything can be given away for free, it is forbidden to play music in public spaces or just gather in the street with many people. It might be allowed if one requests a permission with the police. We did all of these things without having a permission and every time we did, the police came and attacked us. As a response, many stones were thrown towards the cops and their cars.

    Maybe the Police occupation in Exarchia is more violent, but in Friedrichshain they are more close – the occupation force is waiting in front of your door.

    Another way of preventive counterinsurgency in Berlin is, next to repression, the integration. By using various politicians and “good” cops, the administrations are always coming up with round tables. The idea is to bring inhabitants from the Friedrichshainer Nordkiez together with representatives from the administration offices, An image should be created in which the politicians listen to the concerns of the public and all parties involved come up with a solution together. This way there is no need for real resistance anymore, and “social peace” can be
    restored. We must fight the integration like the repression.

    Due to gentrification, the population in our part of the city, is being slowly replaced. If you don‘t have the money, you can‘t pay the rent anymore an you have to move. This is why several luxury cars and new investors are being attacked in our neighbourhoods. Controversial questions within our circles are for example the relationship to the neighbours. Some people are sympathetic with us and hate the cops. But how do we interact with those who do not want to have any position in this conflict or who just want to keep on living their capitalist life without any disturbances?

    We are only a few in this city, very few. When the state attacks us, like last year, when the cops raided the Rigaer 94 twice and once occupied the house for over three weeks, while destroying large parts of it, it becomes possible for us to mobilize many people from outside our circles. For weeks over the summer 2016, cars all over the city were burning and during a bigger demonstration many people attacked the cops.
    But an insurrection can not be planned, it arises from social tensions, where radical tendencies are integrated in a larger social resistance.
    Another question would be if we should look for people in this individualised and estranged society or if it would be better just to put an utopia out there, that speaks for itself ?

    On the 16th of June this year, an utopia was a hip hop concert in the streets. As expected the cops soon attacked and it lead to riots, which would only be worth a little note in Athens, but became a headline story in Berlin. Press and politicians compared the Rigaer street with the war in Syria. Should we escalate the situation even more, even though we are few people?

    The autonomous mouvement was fueled in the 80s by the difficult housing situation and the many squats, that existed all over the city. The experiences since then, show us that as soon as we take one step backwards the enemy moves up right behind us. In the cases, where squatters negotiated with the state, they always lost. In the cases, where we did not negotiate, we may have also lost, but by fighting the struggle we won new activists for our structures.

    As a realistic stop over, we are trying to make one part of the city impossible to control, a process which should be expanded chronologically and spatially. Maybe the cops will attack our spaces in Friedrichshain again in the near future. Then we will ask you for help, by attacking authority, no matter where you are. Just like we in Berlin are trying to react to the state organised operations against the resistance in Athens and elsewhere.

    Comrades and friends of Rigaer 94 and the resistance in Friedrichshain

    * the Police uses the label Dangerzone for a kind of martial law which allows them stop-and-search from people without reason, breaking in homes without search warrant or confiscating everything.

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