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Geschockt und in tiefer Trauer haben wir gestern von der Räumung der Villa Amalias in Athen erfahren.

Einige von uns kennen das Haus und die meisten haben vieles drüber gehört oder gelesen.

Im Allgemeinen wird hier in Berlin der Kampf gegen den griechischen Staat und dessen Entwicklung in Richtung eines Faschistischen Regimes mit großer Aufmerksamkeit verfolgt.

Daher wich die Trauer schnell der Wut!

Wut über den Angriff der Schweine auf die Villa, Wut über die dreisten Lügen die Staat und Presse verbreiten und Wut über die Attacke eines zunehmend repressiv Agierenden Systems auf diejenigen, die sich dem Kampf gegen Macht und Kapital verschrieben haben!

Euer Kampf muss weiter gehen! Mit dieser Aktion hat der Staat seinen Verbündeten, den Nazis von Goldener Morgenröte, einen Wichtigen strategischen Sieg eingefahren. Doch dieses Gefühl der Überlegenheit wird ihnen schnell vergehen, denn wir wissen, dass werdet ihr nicht auf euch sitzen lassen!

Ihr werdet euch zurücknehmen, was die euch gestohlen haben!

Dabei könnt ihr auf unsere Unterstützung hoffen, wo es uns möglich ist und ihr könnt euch unserer uneingeschränkten Solidarität gewiss sein!


Solidarität darf keine Grenzen kennen!

Für ein Leben ohne Macht und Herrschaft!


Für die Anarchie!


Bewohnerinnen und Bewohner der Rigaerstraße 94


In english:


Hearing the news about the eviction of Villa Amalias left us in shock and grief.

Some of us know the house and most people have heard about the project.

In Berlin, there is generally a huge interest in following news about the struggle against the greek state and it’s development towards fascism.

This is why the grief was soon replaced by rage!

Rage about the pigs attacking the Villa, rage about the bold lies of state and press and rage about the increased attacks by the more and more repressive system against those who fight against power and capital!

Your struggle must go on! With this action the state helped it’s allies of Golden Dawn to gain a strategic victory. But their feeling of superiority won’t last, as we know you will not leave it with that!

You will take what back what they have stolen!

In this, you will have our support where possible and you can count on our absolute solidarity!


Solidarity have no borders!

For a live without repressive power and authority!

Towards anarchy!


Yours, Rigaer94

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  • Rigaer94 attacked

    Nearly one year after the eviction of the neighbouring houseproject Liebig 14, our project Rigaer 94 and the squatbar Kadterschmiede got attacked by cops.  

    On 28th of January 2012, a demo against a police congress and the urban operations-conference in Berlin took place. At night there was an after-demo soliparty in Kadterschmiede which is located in Rigaer 94.   Before the party had even started, the area was already swarming with cops. Soon the usual quarrel with the cops at our gate to the street began. It is not unusal that they try to get into the yard and cause some trouble. At first, they were held back by our outter gate as always. But then they tried to find other ways into the house, climbing over walls and sneaking through basements. They got through to the front door of Kadterschmiede and started to destroy it as well as the entrance door to the living space of Rigaer 94. At first they didn’t get very far because behind the doors there were barricades awayting them. Meanwhile they spayed tons of pepper and teargas into the house and emptied fire extinguishers into the stairs in front of Kadterschmiede. Some people were close to being suffocated.  

    The cops finally snuck through adjoining basements into Kadtschmiede and opened the barricades from the inside. They beat down and ran over the first people they met and threw some people down the stairs. They also broke into two flats of the living space of Rigaer 94, where they beat, pepper-sprayed and arrested many people. Some of the arrested ones had to stand outside in the bitter cold to await their transport to the police station for a long time. On their way in and out of the house they damaged doors, windows and many other things. The cops didn’t let any lawyers through to us and also most of the press had to stay well away from the scene.  

    In all this trouble and chaos, there was great solidarity form many people and places. Some other parties in Berlin that night were interrupeted and people mobilised to defend Rigaer 94 and Kadterschmiede. Many small groups of people were running around in the area causing trouble to the cops, smashing banks and starting fires. The cops were also partly obstructing themselves: they argued about how to carry out orders and tried to instruct each other on how to do their job – at least something to laugh for the arrested people in the house. We assume that the cops had planned and prepared this attack beforehand – they parked up in the side streets before the party had even started and knew the architecture and rat runs of the house very well – but from this point of view they acted rather stupid and could have done a lot more damage to us.  

    In the midst of all this crazy shit it was amazing to experience all the solidarity and support. Many thanks to the ones who took to the streets, who awaited us with hot soup and warm words when we were realsed from the police station and had already started fixing up the house when we returned. We call out to everyone to fight back against repression and keep fighting capitalism!

    For a self-determined life and free-spaces!
    Defend Rigaer 94!