Dear Neighbors,

Like foreseen the eviction of Liebig34 was not the end but just another step in an fast and aggressive gentrification of our neighborhood.

Now there is a new attack.

Our neighbor, who is currently living under the balconies of Rigaerstr. 92, is threatened of an eviction on thursday, the 26th of november, at 6 a.m.

This information comes through a very social-chauvinistic letter, in which the belongings of this person are described as rubbish and trash. It comes from the “Bezirks- und Grünflächenamt”. An office which seems to have a lot of self esteem issues and now let their anger out on everything which is not fitting with their normative views on the world. Homeless people are very often target of this aggression. Evictions of homeless people are not rare, but happen mostly silently and therefore are often unseen.

This years phrase “Stay home, stay safe” is in the view of homeless people just another disgusting thing to say. Where should this people find their safe space, that are protected from the attacks of the cops.

Already short time ago, on 15 November there was an attempt by the BSR and Berlin cops to clear his camp on height of Rigaer Straße 92, under the balconies, which could be prevented however spontaneously ( Now there is a new attempt with announcement.

We will not just accept this :

Wednesday from 7 p.m. there will be music and rap in front of the camp at Rigaer Straße 92. Thursday morning at 6:00 a.m. the Kiezradio will be an early-bird issue. Come by and show with us together that the fight for the Nordkiez continues!
No eviction of precarious people! Not in winter, not during Corona, never !

We want to be strong and numerous. Protest on the street, and from the surrounding balconies is very welcome.

We will prevent this eviction!

Against every eviction in our Neighborhood!

For a neighborhood of solidarity in which everyone has a chance of self-defined life regardless of there living conditions!